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Unconscious Elitism

Very well put together and observant.One in the eye for those who don’t seem to think past the ruling elites rhetoric.

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

I was glancing at a feature on BBC Capital earlier today, called Idiosyncrasies of the Brits at work. The article offers a foreign perspective on the culture of the British workplace, in particular the views of people who have come to work in the UK from abroad.

The aspect of the article that started to irk me was that the writer, Mark Johanson, referred to the people he had interviewed as ‘expats’ (short for ‘expatriates’, obviously enough) throughout. Not a problem in itself, but my concern is that ‘expats’ is definitely not the term the BBC would use if it were a news article about people coming into the country from an impoverished background elsewhere, and accepting absolutely any work that came their way, no matter how badly-paid.

There has been much unhappiness recently about the media’s persistent use of the word ‘migrants’ in relation to…

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“How *Dare* ISIL Kill British Citizens! That’s *Our* Job!”

Very apt, please ask questions of those who are supposed to be working for us, instead they rob the most vulnerable of dignity, peace of mind, and for so many thier life

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

NOTE: I nearly wrote this article back in June, but in the end I decided to wait until evidence was in the public domain of post-Work-Assessment-Test deaths.

Seifeddine Rezgui is the name of a killer. On the 26th June 2015, armed with a Kalashnikov, he attacked a hotel in Port El Kantaoui, on the north-east coast of Tunisia. His frenzied attack, committed on behalf of the extremist terror group, Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL), left thirty-eight people dead. Thirty of them were British citizens, whose memory was lovingly saluted three days later, when the House of Commons observed a minute’s silence. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, then ordered that a national minute of silence would be held on the 3rd July, exactly one week after the attacks.

Iain Duncan-Smith is the name of a killer. Since becoming Secretary of State for Work & Pensions in…

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What are YOU looking at?

Christopher John Ball

boots_2015_MINI_3“Asylums with doors open wide,
Where people had paid to see inside,
For entertainment they watch his body twist,
Behind his eyes he says, ‘I still exist.’” – Atrocity Exhibition – Joy Division

It is sad to say that many of us who have a disability or impairment will be able to recall experiences of having been bullied, picked on, singled out and abused, both verbally and physically, as we go about our lives. Would it be fair to say that we often take this abuse as being a ‘normal’ part of our daily routine, experiences that we have perhaps come to expect and, in the eyes of many as I will explain, something we should ‘put up’ with?

The ‘incident’ that inspired this article occurred on Saturday 14th March 2015. My partner and I were waiting to catch a train to Euston from Watford High Street Overground Station…

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